Engaging partnerships that deliver.


Global Future’s track record is second to none, with 50% of the top FTSE 100 trusting us to bring about long-term sustainable shifts in their performance.


We tailor our offering to each individual enterprise, analysing a business’s context in order to fully understand it, before holding up a mirror to its leadership, culture and the requirements of current and future roles within it.

Drawing on our expertise in psychodynamics, neuropsychology, sociology and systems theory, we address leaders’ behavioural patterns in a highly insightful way. Throughout, we’re guided by strategic oversight and supporting companies to become purpose-driven, open organisations that embrace diversity.

Purpose-Driven Culture Change

Cultures evolve rather than change. Organisational transformation therefore has to take place within a framework of gradually shifting mindsets and behaviours, with a clear articulation of a business’s purpose that goes beyond commercial success. To make this happen we help individuals find their own sense of purpose to create ownership and momentum at a personal level. In turn this creates an organisation-wide culture shift, whereby each individual human element comes together to forge a shared, purposeful vision of the future. Changing an organisation’s culture can be a drawn-out, sometimes messy experience, with resistance often encountered. So we take the long view, partnering with clients to make sense of the process, monitor progress on a regular basis, and take stock and course-correct along the way.


Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes are built around self-awareness and the need for leaders to forge their own personal journeys. We create evocative, immersive experiences adapted to the challenges clients face, allowing them to reflect individually and collectively, make informed choices and learn from each other. Focus and content are directly aligned with organisational purpose, strategy and key objectives, with an important factor being how leadership needs to evolve over time. The programmes are delivered through on-the-job experiences, peer coaching, action learning, regular feedback and technology-enabled learning. The results are powerful, personalised, rounded interventions with leaders’ unique developmental goals at their heart.


Senior Executive Profiling

Our processes when working with senior executives are highly engaging and rigorous. We begin with a comprehensive interview that covers background and career history. We explore thinking patterns, emotional drivers, how the person relates to others, and their overall approach to work and leadership. The aim is to uncover underlying assumptions and core beliefs, and we use psychometrics to gain more in-depth understanding of mindsets and other ways in which the individual operates. What results are insightful, accurate, business-focused assessment reports that are used to evaluate suitability for a particular role and context, as well as to increase self-awareness and inform developmental planning and coaching. We draw on decades of experience of working with senior leaders to benchmark executives against a client’s requirements.



Our coaching is informed by two principles: the need to serve the individual, and the need to serve the organisation they work for. It’s a necessary balance, and we create meaningful alignment between the two, always within a framework of purpose, values and impact. We work closely with individual leaders to understand their needs and behavioural patterns, peeling back the layers to uncover assumptions and preconceived thoughts. To anchor leaders to a deep sense of purpose and deliver the broadest impact, we use a variety of methods to track progress over time, so that effort is sustained and measurable results are achieved.


Building Inclusive Leadership

The backdrop to our inclusive leadership programmes are the system changes that are necessary to bring about overdue solutions to an outdated status quo. We help make real connections between inclusion and a business’s strategic agenda, showing leaders how their skills can be used to create environments in which people with different backgrounds, styles and abilities can thrive. Through coaching and workshops, we identify how bias and homogeneity lead to groupthink and hinder innovation. Using a combination of analysis and experience, we demonstrate how unlocking the power of everyone in an organisation – and therefore the organisation itself – depends on a leader’s self-awareness and ability to understand and manage a wide variety of thought patterns, behaviours and values.


Senior Team Effectiveness

When working with senior teams we take an integrated, strategic approach in order to exponentially increase the impact on an enterprise’s performance. Underpinned by our strong developmental philosophy and knowledge of how the best teams operate, our approach is collaborative, energising and challenging. We identify specific contextual challenges, diagnose blockers and enablers to success, and clarify future goals. We encourage dialogue and debate, exercising a team’s decision-making muscle in an open, non-confrontational way that ensures everyone’s voices and experiences are heard. We align teams behind a common purpose, harnessing their collective talents so that they’re in tune with not just stakeholders but the wider leadership function both inside and outside the organisation.


Board Effectiveness

We have in-depth experience of working with board members on a range of issues, including CEO succession. An area we have pioneered involves assessing a board’s effectiveness in a way that goes far beyond the commonly available, tick-box approach. Through rigorous interviews, observation and examination, we’re able to provide rich, insightful information that reveals how effectively a board is functioning at any given time, and the real impact it is having. This is often supplemented by development feedback to individual board members. Testimonials from boards we have worked with have been extremely positive, with our approach commonly regarded as groundbreaking.