We work in close partnership with our Global Future think tank, driven by our shared purpose: Helping people and businesses thrive in a global, highly interconnected and ever evolving world.


The think tank works with our clients to support purpose-driven change, helping them understand the major forces shaping their environment, raising the profile of the big issues they care about, and work across sectors to build alliances for change.

What the think tank does

From the new open/closed divide reshaping public attitudes, to the increasing need to understand and harness diversity in a globalised world. Its stellar advisory board includes leading figures from politics, business and the arts, including two FTSE 100 CEOs and the strategic directors to both the former Prime Minister and the former Leader of the Opposition.

The think tank has a track record of developing groundbreaking work that shapes public debate. Its work, experience and expertise provides unique and valuable support to the Global Future consultancy.

  • Decades of experience across politics, from government to grassroots campaigns
  • Research, insight and analytical expertise on public attitudes, policy and brand positioning
  • A deep understanding of the trends shaping businesses’ relationships with media, politics and society