Next-generation thinking for the leaders of tomorrow.


Global Future was formed in 2019, bringing together the most outstanding consultants in their field with the mission to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Working with major organisations for more than 25 years, we’re driven by a shared outlook that puts clear purpose at the heart of a company’s day-to-day operations.


We work with senior leaders, executive teams and boards, across the private, public and non-profit sectors. We focus on collaborative partnerships and long-term strategies, helping clients identify their unique strengths and objectives. We engage in open, honest debate with our clients so that they can continually adapt both their mindsets and working practices.

Organisations want the best talent. But that talent will remain underused if it finds itself in the wrong environment (and will soon head off in the direction of your competitors). Global Future helps leaders access the business DNA that allows them – invested with a clear vision of the future – to frame their company’s culture in a way that fully engages their workforce in a spirit of shared purpose and aspiration.


Human solutions for meaningful impact.


We live in an age of data. But data can only tell you so much. For real insight and understanding, you need people.


At Global Future, our backgrounds in psychology provide us with in-depth knowledge of factors such as logic, rationality and emotional intelligence – human concepts that will always play more of a role in determining behaviour than statistics and algorithms. Understanding that no two leaders or companies are the same, we avoid fashioning one-size-fits-all and copy-cat solutions for the organisations we deal with.

Our line-up reflects our people-centred approach. We’re boutique rather than corporate, friendly rather than faceless, able to build trusting, active relationships based on sound experience of what motivates people and what works and what doesn’t.

Applying psychology in a business-relevant manner, we take the time to explore an individual’s thinking patterns, emotional drivers and how they relate to others. It’s an approach that delivers meaningful impact at the only level that matters: the human one.

Inclusion = opportunity.


The business case for diversity and inclusion is well-established. A broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and ideas makes you more productive, relevant and competitive, allows you to connect with the widest spread of customers, optimises decision-making, and enhances innovation, product development and client relations.


For Global Future, inclusion equals opportunity, so our focus when developing future leaders is on helping them build a culture of belonging to bring about the enhanced business performance that comes with it. In doing so we shift the emphasis away from the leader as individual towards the sort of leader that’s required to get the best out of people, work towards the common good, and create fulfilling environments where everyone wants to give their best.

Through psychological insights that lead to genuine breakthrough moments, we help leaders become comfortable with who they are. From this emerges a better understanding of others and the different values they bring, with all the accompanying strategic benefits.